Business Cards

Business Cards and V-Cards with CleverMate QR-Codes

By putting a CleverMate QR-Code on your business card, you can add a few features to it that will make you stand out compared to other business cards..


In comparison to a standard business-card, a CleverMate QR-Code can add a lot more information The classic function of a digital V-Card can be enhanced.

Additional use:

  • Digital: Direct use of contact information with just one scan of the QR-Code (E-Mail, phone-call etc.)
  • Start a direct chat witouth having to look for additional contact data you can fill out forms for contact addition

Differences between a CleverMate QR-Code and the classic V-Card:

The basic QR-Code standard is able to save contact information behind the code. This data can be saved in your adress book and in your smart phone to be saved as contacts.

The data can of course be edited after being created, so updating information is easy.


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