Use CleverMate QR-Codes für your asset administration

Every resource you have ( including PCs, Printers, production instruments) can be fitted with a CleverMate QR code. This code can be imbedded with a specific number for the resource, making inventory easier.


Scanning the QR-Code on the device can help the user send error-messages or ask a member of support to have a look.
By using the Code on the machine or resource, the company providing it can easily identify the device and find out what the problem is.

An example: A printer fitted with a QR-Code that can re-order ink when the cartridge is low on ink.

Safety checks:

Some machines and resources, especially in production companies, need regular maintenance and security checks. Ladders have to be tested annually for their usability. First-Aid-Kits have to be updated and fire extinguishers always have to be operational. This is being ordered by the law, making it a mandatory order. If you put CleverMate QR-Codes in use for these resources, a simple scan can tell you when to order new appliances, when to send messages for inspections or when to contact the developer for new supplies.

Opportunity for integration – Tools for resource administration:

Our partner SUBRIS GmbH developed the administration tool “ems” which has integrated the QR-Code system. Scanning the QR-Code can be done with one APP now instead of 2.

Of course you are free to use administration tools of your own devising. The CleverMate QR-Codes can be embeded and integrated in any system.

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