This is CleverMate

CleverMate provides you with information and services, collected at a central access point. You can access these informations and services via the CleverMate App by scanning a CleverMate QR-Code

CleverMate provides you with contact info or informations for products and services.

It’s up to the provider which functions he sets up for the QR-Code that will be scanned. These functions can be simple website links or all kinds of different forms and services. For example, public utility service providers can use an app to do meter readings, while a restaurant can simply create a QR-Code for a weekly menu. A company can provide service numbers and support contact information for it’s clients via the CleverMate codes, whereas Hotels or B’n’Bs can use the App for registration of their customers.

Possibilities behind the CleverMate QR-Code

  • Make a call
  • write a text message
  • write an E-Mail
  • Start a WhatsApp conversation
  • Use the Facebook messenger App
  • Fill out an online form
  • Save vCard information
  • start a navigation
  • follow a link to a website

For more possible uses follow this link

This is how CleverMate works

CleverMate is based on QR-Codes. These can be scanned by using the CleverMate App for iOS or Android. The CleverMate App is free of charge and can be downloaded via the Google Play store or the Apple Store.

Every QR-Code is linked to a different service (provided by the company installing it). Every company can decide for itself which services or information they want to make available for the user. They can also decide to restrict these to specific registered users or restrict them to specific locations

The CleverMate App is completely free of charge. Registrations are not neccessary in order for it to work. You can use the app anonymously. It may be possible that the company using the CleverMate QR-Codes requires registration for specific functions.

Use the CleverMate App as a User or Service Provider


As a user, you can use the CleverMate App with your Smartphone. A user account can be created but is not neccessary for the use of the App. As soon as you download the App onto your phone, you can access the information and services that service providers and companies have embedded into their QR-Codes.

Further information for users.

Service provider

As a service provider and/or company, you can create CleverMate QR-Codes for your clients and users. For this feature a subscription is needed, which is (depending on the features needed) free or comes with costs. The service provider can embed information and services behind the CleverMate QR-Code, which can of course be edited any time.

Further information for service providers

Data Security and Privacy

The security and privacy of your data is very important to us.
The data you provide us with will be kept save on our very own servers in Switzerland. We do not save or use data outside of Switzerland.

Transparency is a key of our customer service. You can see anytime which data is being used and kept.
If you no longer use CleverMate, you can delete any data you’ve provided us with.

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